Séjours tropicaux partagés


Moved away from tourism of mass. Nested discreetly in a singularly undulating campaign like a Swiss and curiously raised landscape royal palm trees. In full tropical vegetation, with the foot of the Eastern cordillera, not far from the large wild lagoons of Nisibon and the Atlantic coast of the Dominican Republic in the Greater Antilles, “Estancia desconocida” proposes in order to take extension and to diversify its activities, to open its “Club Aventura” with the travellers, the discoverers of strange and the ecologists, interested by the protection of the ecosystems, respectful of natural balances and a certain return to nature.
Engagement to subscribe for the Club is proposed as of now and will thus make it possible to offer during four consecutive years, with the help of a very accessible agreed price, five original bungalows out of wooden and on piles, built according to the principles of bioarchitecture and the complementarity enters Yin and Yang.
These five lodges established on a small hill (loma) dominating the ranch, will be able to draw to the profit maximum of enchanters qualities of the countryside around dramatized surprising sunsets disappearing behind the Eastern cordillera.
These simple and rather rustic constructions will be closely related to the mechanism of the universe and nature according to the Eastern practice of Feng Shui. This famous art, appeared here more than 3000 years under imperial China, which uses the environment in order to know the wellbeing and the harmony.

Feng Shui, Wind and Water. Two words which invite to the voyage and encourage our imagination with the daydream and the knowledge of the strengths of our environment which act in depth on our own vital energy. These forces are generated by the earth, forged by nature, transported by the wind, modelled by the mountains and accumulated by water. To be in perfect harmony with these strengths consists in being placed well and well directed with regard to the external environment, with the architecture of the building, materials used for its construction, the interior disposition.
In short, Feng Shui leaves the principle which every human being is in constant relation with his physical environment, natural or not, and that this environment influences profoundly in a favorable or unfavourable way their existence and their destiny. It is necessary to include this art millennium as natural element but also as engine of the universal energy. It allows to take advantage of beneficial energies of our environment to improve our quality of life. Our life and our destiny are confidentially connected to the mechanisms of the universe and the nature. All the permutations, that they are cosmic or atomic, find their echo in us. The strength which links the man in his environment is vital energy or he breath of life. Each of us possesses this vital energy, the characteristics of which are appropriate for every individual.. It influences all the aspects of our life and is essential in the preservation of the physical, ambient and emotional balance.

In other words, by leaning on the values taught by Feng Shui and those expressed at present in the recent connections which define the necessary politics to manage to a durable development or “sustainable development”, the responsibility, the participation, the innovation, the vital energy, the perception of the mechanisms of the universe and the sharing are values which allow to assert that every inhabitant of the Globe has the right human reach the resources of the Earth, to use them, but also the duty to assure perpetuity for the generations of it to come.

Consequently with the current values formulated by the informed ecologists, and with philosophy millennium oriental of Feng Shui, “Estancia desconocida” opens his “Club Aventura” in a subscription to give responsibilities better to make better responsible the “vacationer” who wishes to make a commitment in the protection of the ecosystems , by deliberately involving it in this project of defense and environmental protection Otherwise by proposing him tropical stays in ghettos concreted at the edge of the Atlantic Ocean. The concept inherent in this concept of “ sustainable development” consists in persuading the “simple tourist” that it can become a “true traveller” and thus make party of an elite anxious to protect the beauty from fauna and so particular, original and splendid flora in Saint Domingue.



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