Séjours tropicaux partagés


Since a certain number of years “Estancia desconocida” is a space completely lost in the campaign at the foot of the Cordillera Eastern. We bred horses of pace, this famous symbol of South American elegance. The products obtained are mainly race Paso Criollo, horses intended for the great excursion and “Paso Fino” intended as for them, for the representation and the equestrian entertainments. This strange place also specializes in photographic safaris and the discoveries of the ancient tracks practiced formerly by the Taïnos Indians and the conquistadors. Treks of "great adventure" are often organized outside the places frequented by mass tourism and made more sometimes, attractive of bivouacs installed on the banks of the one of the many wild rivers that criss-cross the region.

The guides with their accompanists they escort visitors who wish it, during rather sports trek on the small earth dams of the close rice plantations and carry out with them, of the exits bird watching along the large nearest lagoon. For the well informed riders, the very beautiful ones and strange equestrian excursions move in the buttresses of the cordillera and through the large meadow-lands of herds, with the manner of the Argentinian stockbreeders. For those which only wish to slacken, to relax and to rest, remains the river which crosses the property or the immense wilderness beach, protected by a coral reef and located at only five minutes of “Estancia desconocida”, either still, the access to the bioenergetic spa of the écolodge with its massages and its care its care technical orientals ancestral such Shiatsu, Taïchi Shirodhara, etc…

Estancia desconocida” is a property voluntarily rather badly announced and not very easy of access. This place, privileges above all, the rest, calm, remoteness, tranquility and a perfect discretion. It is necessary indeed, to cross to ford the sometimes unforeseeable and often turbulent to access the domain which extends on several hectares in the buttresses from the Eastern cordillera. In rainy season, only the high vehicles on wheels and any grounds (4x4) can pass on one side to the other or, to choose to circulate with difficulty on an inconvenient mule track which curves in the neighbouring heights, hills, fields, pastures and the meadows with herds. Consequently, lasting approximately two months, the horses and the mule of the ranch-écolodge become excellent natural and very ecological means of transport then.

"In these places out of time, not far from the daydream, near to the dream and the Utopia, true refinement and the real luxury are to become aware that it is to much better be true traveller than simple tourist "




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