Séjours tropicaux partagés



Saint Domingue, mythical island of the famous conquistadors but also of the Caribbean Indians and Arawaks. Island of the end of the world with equestrian tradition, baptized in 1492 per Christophe Colomb, Española (the Spanish one or Hispaniola). This Island with the multiple facets of the Greater Antilles, occupied in the west by the Republic of Haiti and in the East by the Dominican Republic, lodge in its Eastern area (opposite Puerto Rico), an equestrian farm (ranch), called “Pasopicao” and a very very ecological small hotel of charm (écolodge), named “Estancia desconocida”.

The place, isolated and perched in the luxuriant foothills of the Eastern cordillera is equipped with a Club and a lounge-bar “Aventura”, completely friendly place and truly ideal for sip some glasses between friends in a voluptuous and musical environment. Its filtered framework proves particularly propitious to be let go to the sympathetic magics of the Dominican rhythms distilled with precaution, while tasting very special typical cocktails and other remedies for the love.

The Club proposes as for him, with the subscribers, a subscription, based over four consecutive years renewable. The subscription thus makes it possible to offer, not only, one unusual lodging with preferential tariff, in bungalow perched on immense piles with hillside, but still, the subscriber who subscribed, with the protection of the ecosystems implies deliberately and with the project of defense of the environment. The site is also equipped with a spa bioenergetic of full nature specialized in the oriental massages, in order to remake a health, to renovate, get thinner, to develop the muscles or to find the ways of wisdom.

This strange place, greet with sympathy, all authentic traveller, adventurer, discoverer and ecologist which seek enough the adventure to dare the singularity. The curious spirit will feel at once “integrated” and charmed by this strange moved back place, completely original and truly far away from tourism of mass.

Cristoforo Colombo (Christophe Colomb), the Lord High Admiral, tended to tell with those which wanted to hear it, in connection with Española (the Spanish one or Hispaniola), which he had discovered grounds of an fathomless wealth, Gardens of the Eden. The uncle of the young person Hernan the Cortes, Picos Pardos, told as for him, with the Hernan young person, whom it had seen of his eyes, Indians and brought back treasures of the Indies. Gold, said to him it, is there in such abundance that it runs rivers. One can thus imagine without difficulties that in the vicinity of this curious territory, each path, traces or tracks, conceals approximately five centuries last of the surprising history of the famous travellers conquerors, the Indians the Caribbean and Taïnos. Impassioned history of the great Spanish conquests in the Western Indies, will test without any doubt, the intense emotion to discover, out of the paths beaten by the tourists, signs, objects or traces of what go back to approximately ½ thousand-year-old and which always remains in these isolated places.
Alonso Ojeda, Juan of Cosa, Amerigo Vespucci and Bartolomé De Las Put, the contemporary conquistadors of Christophe Colomb, had certainly to inaugurate these sinuous tracks of Cordillera Oriental at the time of what one commonly calls “Andalusian voyages”, before facing Caonabo, one of the Caribbean chiefs of the moment and to manage to gain the battle of La Vega Real.
Hatuey, Indian Chief Taïno had to as traverse to him these precipitous tracks for cheat the baptism as Bartolomé imposed to him, before being able to flee in direction of Cuba about 1512.



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